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IDA Civic Development Corporation Meetings Information

2017 Resolutions:  St. Lawrence County IDA – CDC

CDC-17-02-01: Disposition of Real Property Policy (Annual Review) and 2016 Report of Property
CDC-17-02-02: Authorizing SEQRA for Clarkson University
CDC-17-02-03: Authorizing Issuance Of Up To $36,000,000 in Tax-Exempt Revenue Bonds for Clarkson University
CDC-17-03-04: Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance
CDC-17-03-05: Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
CDC-17-03-06: Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification
CDC-17-03-07: Annual Review of Code of Ethics
CDC-17-03-08: Accepting FY2016 Audit
CDC-17-03-09: Authorizing Modifications to the FY2016 Budget
CDC-17-04-10: Final Authorizing Resolution: Clarkson University
Official Statement of the SLCIDA-CDC relative to Clarkson University Series 2017 Tax Exempt Bond Issuance
CDC-17-05-11: Authorization to Secure Public Deposits that Exceed FDIC Coverage
CDC-17-05-12: Authorizing a Policy for Post-Issuance Compliance for IRS Bonds
CDC-17-09-13: Authorizing Amendments to the Procurement Policy
CDC-17-09-14: Annual Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy
CDC-17-09-15: Authorizing Amendments to the Monetary Transfers Policy
CDC-17-09-16: Authorizing Amendments to the Electronic Technology – Usage and Monitoring Policy
CDC-17-09-17: Accepting FY2018 Tentative Budget
CDC-17-10-18: Adopting FY2018 Budget
CDC-17-12-19: Annual Review of Investment Policy & Authorization of Depositories

2017 Meeting Minutes: St. Lawrence County IDA – CDC

February 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes
December 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes

2016 SLCIDA-CDC Resolutions:

CDC-16-02-01: Annual Review of Disposition of Real Property Guidelines and 2015 Report of Real Property
CDC-16-02-02: Authorizing Modifications to IDACDC FY2015 Budget
CDC-16-02-03: Authorizing Official Action Toward Issuance Of Up To $65,000,000 Of Revenue Bonds For SLU
CDC-16-02-04: St. Lawrence University SEQRA
CDC-16-02-05: Authorizing Official Action Toward Issuance Of Up To $30,000,000 Of Revenue Bonds for SLHS, Inc.
CDC-16-02-06: St. Lawrence Health Systems, Inc. SEQRA
CDC-16-03-07: Final Authorizing Resolution for St. Lawrence University Bond Project
Official Statement for St. Lawrence University Bond Project
CDC-16-03-08: Final Authorizing Resolution for St. Lawrence Health Systems, Inc. Bond Project
Official Statement for St. Lawrence Health Systems, Inc Bond Project
CDC-16-03-09: Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance
CDC-16-03-10: Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
CDC-16-03-11: Review of Defense and Indemnification
CDC-16-03-12: Revision to Code of Ethics
CDC-16-03-13: Accepting FY2015 SLCIDA-CDC Audit
CDC-16-06-14: Authorizing Civic Development Fund Loan To Boys And Girls Club Of Massena, Inc. 
CDC-16-09-15: Accepting FY2017 Tentative Budget
CDC-16-09-16: Annual Review of Procurement Policy
CDC-16-09-17: Authorizing Amendments to the Conflicts of Interest Policy
CDC-16-10-18: Approving & Adopting FY2017 Final Budget & Authorizing CEO to Make Line Item Changes
CDC-16-12-19: Annual Review of Investment Policy and Authorization of Depositories

2016 SLCIDA-CDC Minutes:

2016-0309 Meeting Minutes

2016-0519 Meeting Minutes
2016-0629 Meeting Minutes
2016-0915 Meeting Minutes
2016-0930 Meeting Minutes
2016-1020 Meeting Minutes
2016-1215 Meeting Minutes

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

2019 IDACDC Annual Report – PARIS
2019 IDACDC Budget – PARIS
2019 IDACDC Investment Report – PARIS
2019 IDACDC Procurement Report – PARIS
2019 IDACDC Financial Audit Report – PARIS
2019 Procurement Policy Review
2019 Investment Policy Review
2019 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Controls
2019 Disposition of Real Property Guidelines Policy Review
2019 Property Disposition Report
2019 Mission and Performance Report
2019 SLCIDA-CDC Audited Financial Statements