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Executive Director

Job Description

The Executive Director, who is responsible to the PACES Board of Directors, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of PACES.  The Executive Director provides vision, creative leadership, and strong future-oriented management for the PACES Corporation.  The operating areas of the Corporation currently include Dining ServicesThe College Store, Vending, Washers and Dryers and Administrative Services.  In addition, PACES will continue to provide accounting and banking services for the Student Government Association and campus agency accounts.   The Executive Director sets the quality management tone for PACES.


Budgetary/Financial Responsibilities

  • Supervises the development of an appropriate annual budget to control fiscal performance of the Corporation within predictable limits and make PACES a contributing member of the College community.  Make an annual contribution to the Potsdam College Foundation
  • Presents an annual operating budget designed on the principles above to the PACES Board of Directors for approval during the spring semester
  • Responsible for achieving the budget of the Corporation, supervising the Executive Management Team which includes the Director of Dining Services, the Director of The College Store, the Director of Marketing and management employees charged with the operation of Administrative Services and other senior PACES management as they implement operating plans approved in the annual operating budget
  • Insures that all funds, physical assets, and other property owned by or assigned to the Corporation are appropriately safeguarded, productive, and well maintained
  • Provides monthly profit and loss reports for individual services and the Corporation as a whole to the Board and to the Vice President for Business Affairs or his/her designee
  • Implements the risk management insurance policy for the Corporation through an approved broker
  • Takes responsibility for the annual audit of PACES funds and accounts
  • Evaluates and monitors computer technology needs of the Corporation for all operating areas.  Identifies appropriate funding as required for purchase of new equipment and software


  • Directs the recruitment and evaluation of PACES staff and assumes responsibility for on-going training and development of staff.  Staff must be notified of both strengths and weaknesses in their performance through development of a comprehensive and on-going evaluation system to include campus peer reviews of management employees.
  • Recommends to the PACES Board of Directors appropriate changes in personnel policies and procedures to provide equitable treatment for all employees and ensures that those policies are consistently applied
  • Coordinates effective day to day relationships with CSEA and maintains contractual commitments consistent with basic Corporation policies and objectives
  • Supervises the members of the PACES Executive Management Team.  Develops and maintains a suitable organizational structure which provides for optimal utilization of management staff throughout the Corporation.  Reviews organizational structure for possible changes to provide more day to day entrepreneurial innovation
  • Represents PACES at conferences and meetings, on campus and off, to enhance understanding of the Corporation
  • Focuses on building a culture of respect, dignity, inclusion , and promotes diversity

Board Related Activities

  • Serves as a ex-officio member of the PACES Board of Directors and as the official spokesperson of the PACES Corporation
  • Recommends to the Board of Directors a long-range vision and plans which will enhance services to students, faculty, staff, and administration.  A five-year implementation plan that was approved by the Board of Directors that is on-going and updated on a regular basis
  • Insures preparation of all required documents for timely review by the Board of Directors and forwarding to appropriate federal, state and SUNY officials
  • Interprets policies of the Board of Directors and SUNY regulations as they relate to the Corporation
  • Insures that the Corporation is in compliance with any policies, guidelines, regulations, statutes, and laws that may apply to any of the services in which the Corporation is engaged

Control and Sub-Contract Administration

  • Responsible for the overall security plan for each PACES operating area
  • Negotiates with companies who may provide services to the Corporation on a contractual basis and monitors contracted services to ascertain that commitments are met and that the best possible service at the most favorable economic terms is achieved


  • Acts as liaison between the PACES Board of Directors and the various campus constituencies and serves on college committees as required
  • Maintains direct communication with students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Develops a cohesive and far-reaching marketing plan for the Corporation to include timeline, implementation and evaluation strategies

Professional Development

  • Attends workshops and conferences as appropriate to maintain working knowledge of college and Auxiliary Services

Job Requirements


  • A Masters’ Degree in Business Administration is preferred; minimum requirement of a Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of five years of successful management experience, preferably in higher education
  • Demonstrated effective management in an organization of similar size and complexity
  • Evidence of strategic planning and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and administrative skills
  • Demonstrated fiscal, budgetary and business management


Contact Information

Additional Information

Application review commences February 15, 2022. Prior to a final offer of employment, the selected candidate will be required to submit to a background check including, but not limited to, employment verification, educational and other credential verification, and criminal background check.

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