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Canton, NY

Full-Stack Software Engineer

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Frazer Computing is the developer of the most popular software for managing an independent used car dealership. We provide inventory and account management services, paperwork automation, and service integrations for over 20,000 used car dealerships in the United States.

About the job

As a developer in our SaaS team, you will be responsible for developing new functionality for our greenfield enterprise application. This position requires you to work independently and with other developers to turn specifications into finely tuned features in a demanding vertical market. You will become familiar with all aspects of the used car industry and use that knowledge to enable our clients to conduct business efficiently in a highly regulated industry.

Our team is lightweight and highly focused. In your new role, you will work closely with Ryan (the sort of joint Team Lead/Technical Lead) to learn our tech stack and engineering goals. You’ll also spend plenty of time learning our industry and all about our customers from Kadi, our Project Manager and customer care specialist.

In our team, everything is greenfield work, so once you’re settled, you’ll hit the ground running by taking ownership of a new feature and building it out from the ground up. You’ll be responsible for turning a spec into all the database tables, data models, and UI components necessary to fully realize your feature.

In our industry, we’re rarely pushing the envelope of what’s possible in computing. Instead of always reaching for the latest-and-greatest, we use proven technology to enable our customers to run their business reliably. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cakewalk though. If you’re looking for a challenge (I sure hope so!), here’s some of what you can expect to spend mental cycles on:

  • Managing a hydra of UX/UI. We have customers in all 50 states. That means potentially 50 different ways to do anything and they all need to be polished.
  • Focusing on provable correctness. When you sell software to business customers, mistakes cost real money.
  • Building for extensibility. We listen to our customers and that means our systems must be designed with continuous improvement in mind.
  • Designing intuitive software. Our customers run the gamut from tech-savvy to just getting started. Designing software that is easy enough for everyone to use, but powerful enough to enable advanced users is a constant challenge.

About you

We are looking for someone with a strong background in production full-stack development (it’s especially helpful if your experience is in the enterprise/B2B space but it’s also not required). We currently use Go on the backend and React for UI so some familiarity with those technologies is a plus, but experience with similar technologies and the initiative to apply your skills in a different direction are just as good.

New developers are expected to work closely with the team lead and other senior developers, but we expect a high degree of initiative and attention to detail. You must be willing and able to work independently, but also be comfortable asking for help along the way. Most importantly, we value pride in craftsmanship and a desire to ship the best experience possible for our customers.

Pay and benefits

This position is 40 hours per week and 100% remote. We work in contiguous 8 hour periods to keep things simple, but your start time is largely up to you (some consideration for overlap with the rest of the team has to be made).

The salary for this position is between $80,000 – $100,000 based on experience. The position includes 1.5 hours per week of paid time off your first year, with additional time off added the longer you stay with us. Of course you’re also given 8 additional days for various US holidays.

You’ll need to have a place to work that is (reasonably) free from distractions, but we will happily help with any equipment required to do your job well.

Unfortunately due to scheduling concerns and the nature of our business, we do require that you are a permanent resident of (and currently living in) the United States.

How to apply

To apply, please write something letting us know how you’ll bring value to our team and email it to . If you’re a full-stack prodigy, let us know how you’ll utilize those skills at Frazer. If you love the car industry, tell us what excites you in that space. If you’re just a sucker for compliance management and tax calculations (they do exist!), we absolutely want to know. Even if you’re just passionate about technology, or customer care, or anything else we’re interested.

Since you’ve undoubtedly spent the time to build a resume, feel free to include that too. If you haven’t or your resume writing skills aren’t top-notch, feel free to omit it and include the relevant parts in your write-up instead.

There is no deadline for application other than “until we’ve found the right person”, so take some time to think about how you want to present yourself, but don’t spend months finely crafting a write-up. If you can reel us in with your submission, we’ll be more than happy to talk to you and fill in details.

We can’t wait to see what you can bring to the team!

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