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General Manager

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The General Manager of C-Store Operations oversees all aspects of our store businesses, its operations, and well-being.  Truly, this position is the Captain of the ship.

People & Reports
– The General Manager (GM) of C-Store operations oversees the store managers of our four convenience stores (Canton, Russell, Colton, Parishville)
– Regular mentoring, supporting, and coaching of store managers and their staff
– Recruiting and onboarding store clerks
– Human Resources support for the stores’ staff

– Overseeing the profit and loss of each of the four stores
– Overseeing and managing our vendors, wholesale distributors, and subcontractors
– Ensuring process quality throughout the operations (People/Product/Process)
– Delivering on core objectives for the stores (Well stocked, well faced, clean)

Growth Initiatives
– Develop and grow our food service business (Prepared foods, baked goods, meals to order)

Mission & Culture
– Kunoco is a family-owned business that has been growing since incorporation in 1990
– Positive and supportive culture
– We prioritize our people and our customers while leading with the “do what’s right” principle

Salary: $65,000 – $70,000/annual

To Apply: Contact Ben Burds at

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