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Logistics Clerk

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Job Duties: Preparing freight quotations, inside and outside sales support, maintaining international and domestic freight tariffs, and providing business support for all major trade lanes.  Prepares and maintains freight tariff report.  Maintains competitive international and domestic transportation rates.  Corresponds with air/ocean transportation agents to obtain rates for customers.  Researches new transportation services for customers. This role requires the ability to cover both administrative duties and to navigate the warehouse floor, in support of daily warehouse operations.

Experience: Minimum 2 years experience and knowledge of warehousing/distribution business and/or domestic trucking.

Apply: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/AND1007ANDER/JobBoard/030925a7-6a27-6b61-9c69-34c22ddb7fab/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=5179fe4e-d736-439b-9274-8349c581849d

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