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Paper Mill Utility Person

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Job Tasks: Operate winder, license to operate tow motor, break ice from a cat walk above the flume in the winter months, work from altitudes greater than 15 feet, clean and replace water filters, clean hot air coils, operate roll conveyor system and keep rolls moving from production to wrapping, operate bar coding computer to produce core labels, test quality control samples as needed, and other job tasks as assigned.

Environment is extremely dusty, hot and humid. Work is very fast paced and physical in nature.  Assistance is available to help with lifting and pulling, but employee cannot avoid lifting as many tasks require 2 employees to lift simultaneously.  Employee is required to work around large, heavy machinery.

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent education – mechanical aptitude is a plus .

Starting Pay: $20.67 per hour.  Unionized facility (United Steel Workers)

Benefits: Health insurance, dental insurance, 401k

Hours: Full time – Shift work – 12 hour shift schedule, approximately 40 – 48 hours/week for a 24/7 operation

To Apply: Visit or send resume to

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