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Ansen Corporation

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St. Lawrence County IDA , Local Development Corporation

Ansen Corporation, Ogdensburg, is an electronic manufacturer providing service for mid-size Fortune 500 companies.
The Ogdensburg facility currently employs 200 approximately people. Ansen has two sister companies in Pittsburgh,
PA. that employ 45 people. Ansen manufactures and assembles circuit boards used in industrial controls, medical,
energy, lighting, power, transportation and agricultural applications.
Ansen is working to expand its business and focus on upper level electronics assembly. Ansen’s initial focus is to
expand and grow its lighting business with a key New York-state based customer. When the customer introduced its
new stadium light in the Fall of 2014, Ansen did not have sufficient space to take on this additional business opportunity
and assembly work for the product was handled by a firm in Ohio. Ansen has been discussing with the customer the
opportunity to bring these jobs back to New York from Ohio; but, in order to do so Ansen requires an expanded physical
presence, something the new facility will provide.
Ansen applied to the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency (SLCIDA) and the St. Lawrence County IDA
Local Development Corporation (SLCIDA-LDC) for financial assistance to purchase a 40,000 sq. ft. building located at
830 Proctor Avenue in Ogdensburg, and to renovate and convert it for bulk storage of palletized raw material, an open

manufacturing space, and palletized storage of finished goods. Ansen will use the space to seek out other, larger-
scale project work as well.

Public Hearing: The SLCIDA is contemplating provision of public assistance in excess of $100,000 and has scheduled
a public hearing. See following page for public hearing information details. SLCIDA has approved the Sales and Use

Tax Exemption benefit, estimated to be $11,600 at its August 27, 2015 meeting. The SLCIDA’s PILOT and the SLCIDA-
LDC’s loan financing will be contemplated at a later meeting, after the Board has had opportunity to review the public

hearing comments.

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Ansen Corporation

Ansen Corporation applied to the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency for financing to support its working capital needs at its Ogdensburg, New York location.

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