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Bregg Winery, Inc.

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St. Lawrence County IDA , Local Development Corporation

Bregg Winery was established in May of 2016. In 2017, the Winery started processing apples and other northern
New York grown fruits into juices whlile working with Canton Apples LLC. Canton Apples LLC provided Bregg Winery with apples and the revenues from the processed juice sales are shared between the two businesses.
Appoximately 1,500 gallons of juice was processed between August and December of 2017. Projections for 2018 include an increase in juice production to 5,000 gallons with expanded market and juice varieties. In addition to fruit juices, Bregg winery will begin processing applice juice into hard cider starting in June 2018 using frozen juice from the 2017 harvest.
The Company is seeking financial assistance for the purchase of equipment to meet anticipated demand for the 2018 harvest season..

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