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Cora M. Condrin d/b/a Splendid Space

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Local Development Corporation

Cora Condrin owns Splendid Space, a bed and breakfast in Star Lake, New York. The St. Lawrence County Local Development Corporation provided a loan in the amount of $14,900 in 2005 to aid Ms. Condrin with the purchase of the property. The building is in need of a new roof and Ms. Condrin has approached the SLCLDC requesting to refinance her remaining debt and to borrow additional funds in the amount of $7,450 to replace the

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St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1968. Its purpose is to develop, coordinate and implement plans and programs to further the growth of economic development and tourism in St. Lawrence County, New York, specifically, and the North Country, generally.

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St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University has presented an application to the St. Lawrence County IDA Civic Development Corporation requesting the Corporation consider a project consisting of the refunding of all or a portion of the $46,795,000 Dormitory Authority of the State of New York’s St. Lawrence University Revenue Bonds.

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