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High Peaks Winery, LLC

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St. Lawrence County IDA , St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency

High Peaks is a small winery located in the foothills of the Adirondack mountain range. During the past few years,
owner and winemaker Matthew Whalen has established relationships with trusted vineyard managers fr om
throughout the country. Because of this, the winery has gained the ability to obtain some of t he best wine grape
products from vineyards throughout the country including California, Washington and New York.
During 2011, its first year of operation, High Peaks produced and sold approximately 500 cases of wine to wholesale
to local liquor retailers. By the end of that year it had run out of stock in three out of four of our offerings and gained a
comfort level that it was creating a product with enough demand to expand the operation.
The winery would like to increase its production to 1,000 cases per year to continue to meet the growing demand of
our products locally and to extend into new distributing areas in upstate New York. In order to do so it needed to
upgrade so me equipment to increase capacity and improve efficiency of our winemaking operation. In 20 12 i t
worked with the St. Lawrence County IDA on an application to the USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant program
for funding to be used for t he acquisition of equipment that would enable doubled production capability. The g rant
was awarded, equipment purchased, and as of August 1, 2012 the winery began leasing the equipment from the IDA.
In 2012 owner Matt Whalen purchased vacant land in the Town of Stockholm with the intention of planting vines and
eventually building a fa cility to ho use our wine production on location. H igh Peaks Winery plans to m ove its winery
location from where it’s currently leased to its vin eyard site. The pr oject includes the construction of a two st ory,
30’x50” str ucture, for th e wi nery a nd tasti ng ro om. Th e ad ditional sp ace will e nable in creased production and
attraction of customers to its tasting room.
High Peaks Winery applied to the St. La wrence County IDA for Sal es & Use Tax Exemption, Mortgage Recording
Tax Exe mption, an d R eal P roperty Tax E xemption. Ad ditionally, th e win ery applied for lo an fi nancing tota ling

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High Peaks Winery, LLC

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