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L.K.R. Enterprises, Inc.

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St. Lawrence County IDA

L.K.R. Enterprises, Inc. was formed in July 1996 when the company acquired two Great American Supermarkets (one
located in Watertown, the other in Boonville) from Victory Market Corporation, LLC.
In April 2016, L.K.R. Enterprises, Inc. acquired and reopened the former Padgett’s IGA store in Star Lake allowing for
the availability of goods and services to residents of the municipality where the project is located, that would not be
otherwise available in that area due to its rural location.
The Company is family-owned with several years of experience in the grocery retail market.
L.K.R. Enterprises, Inc was approved for $100,000 in loan financing in 2016 by the St. Lawrence County Industrial
Development Agency Local Development Corporation and Greater Massena Economic Development Fund to assist
with working capital needed for the acquisition, renovations, equipment, inventory and soft costs associated with
reopening the Star Lake store. Recently, the company requested additional loan financing to provide working capital
for the purposes of expanding their marketing initiatives.

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