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Slic Network Solutions, Inc.

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Local Development Corporation , St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency

Slic Network Solutions, Inc. is a local provider of phone and high-speed internet services for over ten years as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nicholville Telephone Company, Inc.
In 2010 Slic was awarded over $25 million in grants and $8 million in loans from Federal Broadband Initiatives Programs through the USDA Rural Development. The company has been ramping up operations and going through an organizational restructuring in preparation for carrying out the important work of connecting over 6,000 residences in the North Country to high-speed internet services for the very first time.
Also in 2010 Slic received an initial commitment for a New York State Innovation Economy Award intended as a percentage match of Federal dollars. A firm commitment from New York State Foundation for Science and Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) indicates that the State award will be 8% of Federal funds, or approximately $2.6 million with payments to begin in early 2012 and continue incrementally over the next two years.
Slic has approached the IDA/RVRA to advance funds against the anticipated State award so they can begin building their professional team more quickly, make additional infrastructure investments, and position the company for fast response to local emerging broadband opportunities.

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Slic Network Solutions, Inc.

Slic Network Solutions, Inc. is continuing its broadband and network services to the Ogdensburg, Brasher Falls and Newton Falls areas. This expansion continues Slic Network Solutions growth as a CLEC providing telephone and internet service to commercial customers in St. Lawrence County.

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