Training Programs

Our local and state job training programs are organized into an easy to use interactive network that has been created under the concept of a “One Stop” system. To best meet the labor needs of local employers, the St. Lawrence County One Stop Career Center offers the combined programs and services of a number of workforce development agencies. Through this easy-to-use Center, you will find assistance with the recruitment of new employees, incumbent worker training, on-the-job training and customized training programs.

Services include applicant matching for appropriate referral, providing interest and aptitude assessment and identifying potential training programs that provide requisite skills; along with job development and follow-up.

Recruitment, matching and referral are important services offered to employers. One Stop staff visits area employers on a regular basis to gain information on current and potential job openings. Customers who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities are referred to a prospective employer. Employers interview customers who meet employer expectations and have the potential to become long term productive employees. Staff also prepares customers for job interviews. Regular staff contact ensures that both employer and employee are satisfied with the outcome.

Helping You Find Employees

Job Opening Listings:

Listings are customized to meet your company’s specifications. You tell us what skills, education, or experience are required to apply for the position(s).

Your job openings can be broadcast as confidentially or as publicly as you want them. Orders can be listed on the Internet and will become available to job seekers virtually anywhere.

We can help match applicants to your job openings. We may also identify applicants who may qualify for special job training programs that can save your business money.

Job Fairs:

We can assist in organizing job fairs throughout St. Lawrence County. Your business would be invited to set up a booth and recruit candidates to fill your openings. Job fairs may be customized to meet the needs of certain types of employers or job seekers.
Job Applicants:

Our staff works closely with a variety of job seekers, including dislocated workers, workers looking to switch careers, first time or entry level job seekers and individuals graduating from college or vocational training programs.

We assist job applicants in conducting a thorough and well-organized job search. This will help direct qualified applicants to your openings. Our staff can also match or screen applicants to meet your company’s specific needs.

Helping You Train Employees

On-The-Job-Training – New Hires:

Companies may receive wage reimbursements of up to 50% to offset the costs of training new employees when hired through one of our On-the-Job Training programs.

The duration of the On-the-Job Training program will be limited to the period of time required for the trainee to become proficient and may not exceed 26 weeks.

Our staff will screen job applicants for On-the-Job Training eligibility and will calculate wage savings and associated tax credits available to your business.
Upgrade Training for current workers:

Companies may be able to receive wage reimbursements of up to 50% when training existing employees for new upgraded positions within the organization.

This training will reduce the costs associated with the introduction of new technologies, the introduction of new production or service procedures, additional work skills or improved workplace literacy for employees who are being trained for new, higher paying positions within the company.

We may also be able to pay for up to 50% of the cost of training provided to these employees by outside agencies, private vendors or educational institutions.
Customized Training Programs:

We will help you design and pay for training that will improve the productivity and skill level of your present workforce.

This training may be provided in house or by outside contracted training agencies. 
Our office can pay 50% of the cost of training; your company would provide matching funds of 50%.
Further information on St. Lawrence County’s training programs is available in the St. Lawrence County Profile and at the website of the St. Lawrence County One-Stop Career Center,