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Broadband Survey Project

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St. Lawrence County’s broadband survey project is well underway and we’ve heard from over 1,500 residents and businesses in the county about their high-speed internet access and affordability, but the goal is to hear from as many residents as possible. The more data we gather, the more successful we will be at attracting the funding, providers and infrastructure that we need to improve broadband access in our county. This is a joint project between St. Lawrence County and the Development Authority of the North Country. Please take a moment to participate in a brief, confidential survey that will ask you questions about your access to broadband, whether from a business or your home:

Your answers will help us document exactly which areas of the county are unserved or underserved by high-speed internet access. Those who do not have computer access can call the County Planning Office at 315-379-2292 for assistance. The survey website will be open through April 30.

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