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St. Lawrence County is located in New York, but not the high stress, high cost, cramped New York that may come to mind. Majestic natural landscapes and a supportive community allow you to do more living here.

St. Lawrence County is the perfect new home for families who want to live a more active, outdoor lifestyle. In addition to idyllic views of rolling hills and glistening rivers, St. Lawrence County residents enjoy an affordable easy-going lifestyle that allows them to run a business and financially support their family with the freedom to enjoy time with loved ones.

We are one of the safest counties in New York State with a welcoming community. Many of our residents have grown up here and returned to the area to raise their own families.

A lot of folks, when they think New York, they think New York City. And they’re really blown away when they come and they see the beauty here. It’s just a different way of life.

Kevin Lynch, SLIC Network Solutions

Home Prices

A residential home

56.5% < the Natl Avg

More Home for Less

Home ownership can become a reality here with 72.5% of our residents owning their home. Our rural location allows you ample green space of your own, plenty of privacy, and homes averaging under $100,000, that’s 56.5% less than the national average of $229,700.

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Cost Of Living

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21% < the US Avg

Your Dollar Works Harder Here

The everyday cost of living in St. Lawrence County is 21% less than the US average and 61% less than in New York City allowing the cash that you earn to provide more for your family.

In St. Lawrence County you don’t have to trade culture for convenience. Our rural county is vibrant with a supportive art and culture scene from our various cultural societies and our 5 local colleges that host world-class live performances, art exhibits, lectures, and events making the quality of life here comparable to city living.


Commute Time

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< 20 Mins

Spend Less Time Getting Where You Are Going

The typical commute time is under 20 minutes meaning you can spend more time with those who really matter. With available ready-to-go facilities, the IDA can help you find the perfect site for your business and the next community you’ll be happy to call your home.

St. Lawrence County gives you the opportunity to build a better future for your family.

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Come Home

Rather than getting away to the country for a break from high-stress city life, In St. Lawrence County you can enjoy rural country living while being close enough to visit some of the world's most vibrant cities.

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Top Talent, Global Access, Green Energy, Unparalleled R&D Capabilities. Find your competitive edge in St. Lawrence County.

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