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St Lawrence Seaway Bridge

Situated on the Canadian border in northern New York State, St. Lawrence County offers an ideal strategic location for the development of your business. Exceptional international transportation routes, low-cost power rates, and a robust variety of tax and financial incentives drive long-term growth for your business.

Increase Efficiencies with International Access

St. Lawrence County’s road, rail and river transportation options provide efficient and flexible movement of both passengers and materials throughout the county and globally.

Two Ships on a River
US and Canada Flags

Easily reach 40% of US and Canadian market

Our strategic location on the Canadian border puts your business within 500 miles (800 km) of 40% of the population of both countries.

Attractive Financial Incentives to Expand

Financing incentives are available from federal, state, and local agencies to assist in starting or expanding a  business in St. Lawrence County. Incentives include long-term/low-interest loans and loan guarantees for the acquisition of property, construction of buildings, working capital, and the purchase of equipment. In addition, St. Lawrence County and New York State offer a variety of tax credits, deductions, and exemptions on real property taxes and business income.

For more information please visit the Financing & Incentives page.

Power Station

Power Up Your Bottom Line

High costs and dramatic fluctuations in power prices are threatening the bottom line of businesses throughout the US and Canada. St. Lawrence County’s low-cost economic development power partnerships allow lower rates that provide substantial savings compared to market-based rates in Canada and elsewhere in the US, giving you a significant advantage in today’s competitive global economy.

A Skilled Workforce

St. Lawrence County is unmatched in providing a skilled, capable, and adaptable workforce. With a number of higher education institutions in our county, including Clarkson University, St. Lawrence University, SUNY Canton, SUNY Potsdam, and SUNY ESF Ranger School you will also have access to highly skilled graduates to fill the technology positions for which recruitment is becoming so competitive.

Our interactive training programs assist with the recruitment of new employees, on-the-job training, and customized training programs.

A skilled worker

Slic Network Solutions

Kevin Lynch the Chief Operating Officer of Slic Network Solutions

We have an incredible workforce…When it comes to building fiber networks we’ve got a workforce that will get out there whether it’s 20 below or 90 degrees…But also there’s a very technical nature to our work and so having universities close we’ve been able to hire engineers & craftsmen from the universities to come and work for our company.

The St. Lawrence County IDA has been really critical for the growth of Slic Network Solutions…They’ve been critical when we’re expanding to certain business customers that may not have access to fiber. Often the IDA, either with loans or grants, can give us the working capital to get those customers connected and get that going. That’s good for that business, that’s good for us, that’s good for the county. So they’ve been a wonderful partner and we continue to work with them.

“The people here who work for Slic have just a real can-do spirit.”

Kevin Lynch, Chief Operating Officer, Slic Network Solutions

Opportunity Zones

7 parcels located in the communities of Massena, Ogdensburg & Potsdam are designated as Qualified Opportunity Zones – offering special tax incentives to investors in order to spur capital investment in businesses that locate there.

St Lawrence County Zones

Live More Life

From the scenic wonder of the St. Lawrence River to the reflective solitude of the Adirondack wilderness, the diverse geography of St. Lawrence County provides recreation enthusiasts and their families a paradise of year-round adventure.

Scenic View

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Top Talent, Global Access, Green Energy, Unparalleled R&D Capabilities. Find your competitive edge in St. Lawrence County.

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