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Energy & Utilities

St. Lawrence County can power your business growth with some of the lowest cost, most reliable, green electricity in North America.

Nature's Bounty, Local Pride

The St. Lawrence River traverses the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and is part of the international boundary between Ontario and New York State. This river provides the basis for the commercial Saint Lawrence Seaway, and provides an inexhaustible supply of freshwater for industrial use.

55%Power Savings Vs. Ontario

7 BillionkWh Produced Annually

242K ft.³/secWater Flow from St. Lawrence River

An abundant supply of natural gas

Low cost, clean energy that provides unlimited opportunities for new or expanding industries

Long-term, low-cost power programs are available to help businesses thrive in St. Lawrence County

Count On a Reliable Source of Low-Cost Hydropower

Our power rates compared to the rest of New York state typically are lower and certainly even compared to other places in the United States and Canada. The New York Power Authority provides some of the lowest costs in the country in Massena and then even in parts of our county that are served by national grid when we do cost comparisons. In particular with Ontario we tend to be very advantageous. And what we can do is work with our utilities to provide power cost estimates so a company can do a side-by-side comparison of what they’re paying now and what they would be paying if they were in St. Lawrence County, and it’s typically very favorable.

Massena is home to one of New York Power Authorities largest power generation facilities. So the low-cost hydropower, green energy, clean energy is something that we have access to as a host area for that facility. So that can be a very valuable incentive to a company as they’re looking at their cost of operations and also the kind of footprint they’re interested in by way of utilizing hydropower.

“We have some of the lowest electricity costs in North America.”

Patrick Kelly, SLC IDA

Electricity to illuminate 91M bulbs

NY Power Authority designates 910 megawatts of electricity from its own generation and economical power purchases from the market for Recharge NY. That's equivalent of illuminating 91 million typical LED light bulbs.

Ready to Grow your Business?

Top Talent, Global Access, Green Energy, Unparalleled R&D Capabilities- Find your competitive edge in St. Lawrence County


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