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About the St. Lawrence County IDA


The mission of the St. Lawrence County IDA is to promote, encourage, attract and develop job opportunities and economically sound commerce and industry in St. Lawrence County. To accomplish its mission, the IDA constructs and owns industrial sites and buildings, administers loan packaging and industrial revenue bond financing and provides a variety of tax-reduction incentives.

Enabling Statute

Our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) serves as a roadmap to diversify, strengthen and sustain our regional economy. The SLCIDA uses the CEDS to define and prioritize economic development strategies that will grow jobs and private-sector investment in St. Lawrence County.

[download link to: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy]

Board Members

Each member is appointed to a three-year term by the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators


Each Officer is appointed annually by the St. Lawrence County IDA Board Members.

Meeting Information

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to meet on the third Friday of every month at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, located at 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.

Please check the ANNOUNCEMENTS page for meeting information packets.

Click here for the 2021 Meeting Schedule

Committee Information

The Audit/Finance Committee will meet on Thursday, March 26, 2021 at 8:30 A.M. at the IDA offices, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.  Click Here for Agenda.

The Governance Committee will meet on Friday, December 10, 2021 at 1:00 P.M. at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton. CLICK HERE for Agenda.

Committee Charter – Audit and Finance (July 2010)
Committee Charter – Governance (January 2008)

Committee Assignments (effective January 25, 2018) for St. Lawrence County IDA:

Governance: Blevins, LaBaff, Hall
Audit/Finance: McMahon, Hall, Staples

2021-0326 Audit and Finance Committee
2021-0316 Governance Committee
2021-0128 Audit and Finance Committee
2020-1106 Governance Committee
2020-0625 Governance Committee
2020-0218 Audit and Finance Committee
2019-1025 Governance Committee
2019-0326 Audit and Finance Committee
2019-0322 Governance Committee
2019-0221 Audit and Finance Committee
2018-1015 Governance Committee
2018-0316 Governance Committee
2018-0125 Audit and Finance Committee

Meetings, Bylaws, Policies & Reports

IDA-20-02-01: Approving Resolution – The Quarry Potsdam, LLC Project IDA-20-02-02: Authorizing Project Termination Resolution for Butternut Assets IDA-20-02-03: Support for the Continued Operation of the New York State Correctional Facilities in St. Lawrence County IDA-20-06-04: Authorizing RDBG Application for CDL Training IDA-20-06-05: Authorizing Fort Drum MOU IDA-20-06-06: Modifying FY2019 Budget IDA-20-06-07: Accepting FY2019 Audit IDA-20-06-08: Annual Reviewof Code of Ethics IDA-20-06-09: Annual Review of Compensation Policy IDA-20-06-10: Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy IDA-20-06-11: Annual Review of Defense & Indemnification Policy IDA-20-06-12: Disposition of Real Property & 2019 Review of Property IDA-20-09-13: Accepting FY 2021 Tentative Budget IDA-20-09-14: In-Law Brewing Co Approving IDA-20-09-15: Morristown Solar PILOT SUT IDA-20-10-16: Accepting and Adopting FY2021 Budget IDA-20-10-17: Authorizing Engineering Services for the Former Newell Building IDA-20-10-18: Approving Resolution: Omni Navitas Renewables, LLC (126 Little Bow Road – North) IDA-20-10-19: Approving Resolution: Omni Navitas Renewables, LLC (126 Little Bow Road - South) IDA-20-10-20: Approving Resolution: ASA Gouverneur NY Solar II, LLC IDA-20-10-21: Approving Resolution: ASA DeKalb NY Solar I, LLC IDA-20-10-22: Approving Resolution: ASA DeKalb NY Solar II, LLC IDA-20-10-23: Approving Resolution: ASA DeKalb NY Solar III, LLC IDA-20-10-24: Approving Resolution: ASA Gouverneur NY Solar I, LLC IDA-20-12-25: Annual Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy IDA-20-12-26: Authorizing Revisions to Procurement Policy IDA-20-12-27: Annual Review of Investment Policy and Authorization of Depositories IDA-20-12-28: Annual Review of the Sexual Harassment Policy IDA-20-12-29: Adopting Revised Freedom of Information Law Policy IDA-20-12-30: Authorizing the Adoption of a Records Retention and Disposition Policy IDA-20-12-31: Authorizing Lease with the Canton Mixed-Use Building for Michels Corporation IDA-20-12-32: Approving Resolution - GSPP County Route 31 (Waddington Solar) IDA-20-12-33: Authorizing a COVID-19 Emergency Disaster Grant for $10,000 to the Society of United Helpers IDA-20-12-34: Authorizing a Sub-Award Contract with the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board
IDA-19-01-01: Accepting Application (DBA: From The Heart Cabinetry), Describing the Forms of Financial Assistance to be Contemplated, and Accepting and Adopting SEQRA IDA-19-02-02: Authorizing a Sales and Use Tax Exemption, Lease Agreement, and a Partial Real Property Tax Abatement through a PILOT Agreement for Criscitello & Criscitello/dba From The Heart Cabinetry IDA-19-02-03: Amending an Agreement with DANC for Technical Assistance with J&L Rehab Project – Phase 2 Services IDA-19-02-04: Amending Assistance to AmTech Yarns, Inc. IDA-19-03-05: Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance Policy IDA-19-03-06: Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy IDA-19-03-07: Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification Policy IDA-19-03-08: Annual Review of Code of Ethics Policy IDA-19-03-09: Accepting FY2018 Audit IDA-19-03-10: 2019 Review of Disposition of Real Property and 2018 Report of Property IDA-19-03-11: Authorizing Modifications to the FY2018 Budget IDA-19-03-12: Initial Resolution for Community Preservation Partners: Issuance of up to $18 million in Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds IDA-19-03-13: Initial Resolution for Corning Property Management Corporation: Acceping Application, Scheduling Public Hearing and SEQRA IDA-19-03-14: Amending Resolution for Corning Property Management Corporation: 2018 Expansion Project IDA-19-03-15: Support for the Continued Operation of the NYS Correctional Facilities in St. Lawrence County IDA-19-05-16: Corning, Inc. Project Authorizing Resolution for 2019 Expansion Project IDA-19-05-17: Authorizing Agreement with NYPA to Enhance the SLCIDA’s Website & Related Marketing Activities IDA-19-05-18: Project Authorizing Resolution for Pro Sport Trailer Manufacturing, LLC IDA-19-06-19: Standard Workday Reporting IDA-19-06-20: Recognizing the Service of Christopher L. Westbrook and the Clifton-Fine Economic Development Corporation IDA-19-08-21: Authorizing the Issuance, Execution, Sale and Delivery of Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds to Lawrence Avenue Community Partners, LP Project IDA19-09-22: Accepting FY2020 Tentative Budget IDA-19-10-23: Adopting FY2020 Final Budget IDA-19-10-24: Annual Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy IDA-19-10-25: Annual Review of Procurement Policy IDA-19-10-26: Annual Review of Sexual Harassment Policy IDA-19-10-27: Amending an Agreement with the City of Ogdensburg Regarding Former Newell Manufacturing Facility Rehabilitation Project IDA-19-10-28: Naming the Multi-Purpose Conference Room in the Ernest J. LaBaff Building the “Thomas A. Plastino Meeting Room” IDA-19-12-29: Authorizing Modifications to the Investment Policy and Authorization of Depositories IDA-19-12-30: Project Authorizing Resolution for Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Inc. IDA-19-12-31: Authorizing Consent to Assignment for the Acquisition of St. Lawrence Gas by Liberty Utilities IDA-19-12-32: Authorizing Execution of Memorandum of Understanding Pertaining to PILOT Agreement for Newton Falls Secondary Line
IDA-18-01-01: Amending an Agreement with DANC for Technical Assistance with the Newton Falls Railroad Rehabilitation Project IDA-18-01-02: Authorizing an Application for Funds through the National Grid Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program for the Former J&L Site IDA-18-01-03: Authorizing Financial Assistance for the St. Lawrence Soyway Company, LLC Mechanical Crush Project IDA-18-02-04: Authorizing Modifications to the Financial Assistance Conveyed by the SLCIDA with Respect to the Corning, Inc./Corning Property Management Corporation Project IDA-18-02-05: Recommending the Governor Nominate Census Tracts in St. Lawrence County as Opportunity Zone – Qualified Under the Investing In Opportunity Act of 2017 IDA-18-03-06: Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attenance Policy IDA-18-03-07: Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures IDA-18-03-08: Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification IDA-18-03-09: Annaul Review of Code of Ethics IDA-18-03-10: Accepting FY2017 Audit IDA-18-03-11: 2018 Disposition of Real Property Policy and 2017 Report of Property IDA-18-03-12: Authorizing Modifications to the FY2017 Budget IDA-18-03-13: Authorizing Application of Funds through the National Grid Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program IDA-18-03-14: Authorizing Application to the USDA Rural Business Development Grant Program in the amount of $57,850 for the benefit of LC Drives IDA-18-05-15: Authorizing Resolution: Corning Project IDA-18-06-16: Authorizing Assistance to AmTech Yarns IDA-18-06-17: Authorizing Borrowing of Funds from Development Authority of the North Country IDA-18-06-18: Authorizing Agreement with the New York Power Authority to Explore the Feasibility of a Project to Enhance the Value of the SLCIDA’s website IDA-18-06-19: Standard Workday and Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials IDA-18-09-20: Authorizing Financial Assistance to North American Forest Group, Inc. and Accepting Findings Pursuant to SEQRA IDA-18-09-21: Authorizing Establishment and Maintenance of Accounts with Keybanc Capital Markets, Inc. IDA-18-09-22: Accepting FY2019 Tentative Budget IDA-18-09-23: Authorizing CEO to Amend and Agreement Regarding the Jones and Laughlin Ore Company Superfund Site IDA-18-09-24: Authorizing a Three-Year Services Contract IDA-18-10-25: Approving and Adopting FY2019 Budget IDA-18-10-26: Annual Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy IDA-18-10-27: Authorizing Amendments to the Procurement Policy IDA-18-10-28: Authorizing Updates to the Sexual Harassment Policy IDA-18-10-29: Revisions to the Cellular Phone Usage Policy IDA-18-10-30: Authorizing Updates to the Personnel Guidelines IDA-18-10-31: Authorizing Financial Assistance to NC Dairy, LLC and Accepting SEQRA IDA-18-12-32: Authorizing Termination of Lease, Leaseback and PILOT Agreements with Maxam North America, Inc. IDA-18-12-33: Authorizing and Adopting Amended Application, Project Agmts, and New Form of Exhibit for Project Authorizing Resolutions IDA-18-12-34: Project Authorizing Resolution: AmTech Yarns, Inc. IDA-18-12-35: Annual Review of Investment Policy and Authorization of Depositories IDA-18-12-36: Amending Resolution: Empire State Mines, LLC.

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