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Cross-Border Business

Our experts can connect you with financing and incentives that are available from a variety of sources at the federal, state, and local level.

Financing & Incentives

When you’re looking for a location for expansion, we can advise you on the programs, packages, and incentives available that can lower your initial start-up costs.  Additionally, the St. Lawrence County One-Stop Career Center will test, screen, and refer qualified job applicants for your business – just one more way to help you hit the ground running.

The St. Lawrence County IDA can help coordinate your interactions with the local, state, and private entities that can make your growth as efficient and successful as possible.


Power station

Power Savings Ontario vs. NYUp to 55%

Power plant at the border

Low-Cost Green Energy

Just across the border in New York State, St. Lawrence County offers a real alternative: fixed, long term, discount power contracts to promote, encourage, attract, and develop job opportunities and economically sound commerce and industry.

The low-cost economic development power allocated to St. Lawrence County is made available through the New York Power Authority’s Preservation Power Program.  These fixed, low-cost electricity rates offer a significant advantage over market-based rates in Ontario and elsewhere…providing valuable insurance against expected escalation in commodity prices.

Comparing Power Rates of St. Lawrence County vs. Ontario

A recently published benchmarking assessment compared preferred power rates offered in St. Lawrence County to typical power costs in Ontario. The results of the assessment revealed significant cost benefits in St. Lawrence County.  Examples of comparative power costs include:

  • A general service customer paying $55,000 per month in Ontario would pay only $40,000 per month in New York, a savings of 27%
  • An intermediate customer paying $2.8 million per year in Ontario would pay $1.53 million in the service area of National Grid in New York and only $1.02 million per year in Massena – a savings of 64%
  • A large customer (over 5000kW monthly peak demand) would pay $4.4 million per year in Ontario, but only $1.97 million per year in New York, a 55% savings or $2.45 million per year.

Find out more about comparative power rates between St. Lawrence County and other jurisdictions

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