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Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Inc. [Project Number, 4001-19-05]

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Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Inc. (Pepsi Ogdensburg) is acquiring two new pieces of equipment, a baler and a perforator. The baler will help assist the company’s bottle and can recycling operation, while the perforator machine will perforate the bottles and enable the baler to maximize its bale weight. The company has conducted a workflow analysis of its recycling and vending operations located at 205 Cedar Street, Ogdensburg, and determined that the building will require renovations to the work area for the baler and perforator. The renovations will include the construction of wall separators to divide the bottle and can repositories before the baling process and incorporate upgrades to the
building’s restroom facilities. In addition to the machinery and equipment upgrade for the Cedar Street recycling facility, Pepsi Ogdensburg plans to offer chilled product delivery in 2020. To enable the delivery of chilled products the company intends to construct a cold storage room within its Mansion Avenue facility.

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