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Food Processing

Regional Agricultural Sales$200 Million

Water Cost Comparison1/3 less than California

Food processing companies have discovered the incomparable advantages in St. Lawrence County, ranging from our lower-cost power solutions, sprawling farmland, abundant clean water, to convenient Canadian market access, available buildings and greenfield sites ready for development.

Quality Local Goods

In a regional agriculture market that generates over $200 million in annual sales, area farmers are great supply chain partners – providing food processors with an abundant local supply of locally-produced dairy and agricultural products.

Access Canadian & U.S. Markets In Minutes or Hours…Not Days

Within a day’s drive or less, you can reach the markets of the largest cities in the northeast U.S. and eastern Canada, including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

From your rural St. Lawrence County base of operations, with our low traffic counts, you can easily reach millions of both U.S. and Canadian consumers.

North Country Dairy

North Country Dairy is a member of the Upstate Niagara Coop. They craft quality dairy products that includes manufacturing yogurt for national chains and producing their own line of products for schools, airlines and cruise lines with locally sourced milk from the county’s dairy farmers.

In 2019, lead by veteran plant manager Bob Lemke, the plant expanded by 50% to include a dedicated facility to specialize in the production of yogurt, triple milk intake and hire 20 new employees as they near a new milestone of almost 100 employees.



“St. Lawrence County is an excellent place for any agricultural-related business. The reason we located here initially was access to quality milk supply. Roughly 75% of our milk comes from local dairy farmers within 50 miles of the plant.”

Bob Lemke, North Country Dairy

An Abundant Water Supply

And, in the face of longer drought periods hitting central and western U.S., why struggle to find and then pay to transport products that are predominantly water?

The abundance of water in St. Lawrence County gives food processing companies a significant advantage to process food products here and feed the 100-million people that live close by.

Success in St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence County and the surrounding region have become a magnet to food production industries who see incredible potential for expanding their business - resulting in 30% growth in the past 5 years.

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