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A skilled worker

Project Activity in the Past 10 Years$300M

Power station

NYS Industrial Electric Rate *5.33¢/kWh

From large multi-national corporations to midsize companies and start-ups, a diverse portfolio of manufacturing firms call St. Lawrence County home because of our high quality, low-cost assets like renewable energy, state of the art facilities, engineering talent, and university R&D partnerships.

TWO Countries from ONE Factory

The County’s close proximity to Canada allows manufacturers to produce in local factories and easily supply to both the US and Canadian customer base.

Ogdensburg’s Port is the ONLY NY state port on the St. Lawrence Seaway which includes direct access to Ontario, Quebec, and Michigan’s transportation equipment supply chain.

Transport raw materials and finished goods by truck, train, and ship through and beyond St. Lawrence County.

River Bridge

I think when people realize some of the things that are made here or that are done here or processed here, it’s really pretty impressive. In many ways we punch above our weight in terms of what goes on in St. Lawrence County.

Patrick Kelly, SLC IDA

An Abundance of Raw Materials

Access natural resources including the wood fiber resources of the Adirondacks.

Greener, Cleaner Power

Clean, renewable hydropower generated locally at NYPA’s St. Lawrence-Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project in Massena offers the lower-cost electricity* advantage that can power your business growth.

Local Labor Force with Manufacturing Expertise

St. Lawrence County specializes in metal trades that require employees who can solve mechanical problems and operate fabrication equipment.

The County’s student graduates excel in engineering programs, significantly outperforming peers.

Factory Equipment

Manufacturing in St. Lawrence County

Industries include: aluminum products, transportation equipment, primary & fabricated metal products, paper manufacturing, wood products

* Power pricing results will vary based on individual operating characteristics.

* NYS Industrial Electric Rate ~5.33¢/kWh (May 2020,

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Top Talent, Global Access, Green Energy, Unparalleled R&D Capabilities. Find your competitive edge in St. Lawrence County.

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